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Do you use a site builder or you prefer a web designer?

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  • Do you use a site builder or you prefer a web designer?

    Do you guys here use a site builder to build your website or you hire a web designer? I know hiring a web designer is too expensive, but then what if you really need a profession and unique website? How would you go about with it?

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    We used Magento and installed it right from our control panel so that did the job for us. I wouldn't hire a designer ever! They are just way costlier and start up websites cannot even afford to pay that much.


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      We bought a ready to use template. You can get professional ones too and have these installed on your domain names. Doesn't take a lot of coding or editing. I find the template option as the best one.


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        One such application is RV site builder, which is a very handy tool for creating a professional looking website, usually offered for free along with Linux based shared hosting solutions. Site Studio site builder is another option available at an additional cost, which offers you multiple ready to use templates which can be used to create a website. However a developer is an expert who has a day to day knowledge of creating a websites, which comes at a premium paid by you. It totally depends upon your budget, i.e if its a static website which does not involve too much of web designing work it is a clever choice to opt for a site building application.


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          Hi there,

          I would recommend you to start with our with our cPanel Hosting UK | Shared Linux PHP MySQL cPanel Hosting we offer RVsitebuilder for free with our cPanel shared plans. RVsitebuilder comes with multiple ready to use templates helping you create a professional looking website. Kindly refer the following link for tutorials and learn more about this RVSiteBuilder Tutorials - RVSiteBuilder User Guide - Web Hosting UK

          You can also opt for the Sitestudio suite Builder at an additional cost other than the cost for hosting package you opt for. Sitestudio is more advanced with more features and templates. You can refer the following link for tutorials and learn more about this Site Builder Tutorial - Site Builder User Guide - Web Hosting UK



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            We hired a web designer for one of our websites that we wanted to introduce as our primary website. They did it really well and it came up as a really unique one. For our other websites we bought a ready to use template even that worked well for us.


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              Getting a website designed from a web designer would require a good amount of investment in the initial stage. There are many good tools which can be used to design professional websites. We are working on a new web sitebuilder tool, it would be launched soon. A person not having coding knowledge can also design a professional looking website using our website builder tool. Stay tuned, we will announce the launch soon.