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Registering domain name for new orders

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  • Registering domain name for new orders

    Have you guys come across any orders that turned up to be fraud ones and you got the domain name registered for them? We have just had a similar case where the domain name was registered and the order turned to be a fraud one

    Can you guys tell me how to avoid such instances and how we can handle the domain registrations for new orders?

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    Very sad to know about your bad experience. Do you have a billing system in place along with a Fraud check?


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      Go in for some extra verification may be through phone. If you have a strong fraud check with your billing system then that should do it all. I remember we came across a similar incident where the domain name made no sense. We created the hosting account and sent him the details. After a few hours the customer came on chat and informed that his domain name was not resolving. He used the same IP and address to chat that was used for ordering. We got the domain name registered right away and asked him to wait for propagation. Although not every time you can wait for the client to come on chat, this was just an instance where we got his chat and registered the domain name.


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        It is better not to register the domain names until you are 100% sure that the person who has placed the order is a genuine one. You may want to give verification calls and confirm that the client is a genuine one.


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          Ask for an ID proof, that's the best way to verify. This will confirm how genuine the person who has placed the order is. A phone call to verify the identity works as well.