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How is data backed up?

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  • How is data backed up?

    I wish to know some of the best practices that are used in backing up of data. So, can you assist me on the same?

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    Data, when stored in digital form, can be lost due to many reasons. Crashing of hard drivers, natural disasters can result in corrupted or lost data file. A data backup can be exposed to environmental conditions such as- humidity and heat. The offsite data backup methods are proven to be more reliable than traditional data backup methods. This is an automated process and can be installed as well as configured. The backed-up data files stored at distant locations after the encryption process is done. Sophisticated features of data backup such as versioning have enabled the users to access the previous version of data also. The reputed hosting providers offer periodic data backups on the pre-determined scheduled times.


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      Local backups place data copies on external HDDs or magnetic tape systems, typically housed in or near an on-premises data center. The data is transmitted over a secure high-bandwidth network connection or corporate intranet.