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What is the use of IP-based Hosting?

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  • What is the use of IP-based Hosting?

    Iím new to IP-based hosting and in need of assistance on the same.

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    An IP-based hosting is preferred as it brings many conveniences to the process of hosting along with several benefits that it offers to the enterprise. This kind of
    hosting offers dedicated IPs that contain virtual hosts and each of these has a different IP address. The web server is configured with a number of network interfaces
    having the same physical interface. The IP addresses which you get from an IP-based hosting can be used for accessing the resources that are required for using the SSL
    certificates rather than using the shared certificates which might not inspire confidence amongst the clients. IP based hosting is preferred mainly for the SSL
    protocol features.


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      I am not sure what you mean by that. If an address has its own IP address, it's no longer a virtual host.

      But what I think you're asking are the advantages for a website to have its own IP address instead of sharing one with other sites in a virtual setup? The key reason has to do with SSL keys.

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