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What's with companies offering free hosting

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  • What's with companies offering free hosting

    Now, I am sure many of you guys might have come across companies offering free hosting. Do you think it is a good strategy for someone looking to get started in his blogging journey or any other venture to put his website at risk with something that doesn't add up?

    Quite sure free hosting plans are offered to people who are on a limited budget but at what risk?
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    Nothing is free as everything comes at a cost! For someone who is willing to put his website at risk for free hosting says a lot about his mindset. If you are not willing to shell out money for something that is very affordable then I do not know what to say lol


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      Free hosting can shatter your business in the blink of an eye. You do know that free hosting is free for a reason right?

      I would never risk my main business on free hosting but you can always have a side project hosted which you know is not important to you but still can't predict about these companies offering stuff for free and mind you they can go out of business anytime because what's in it for them? Some of the sites that I have come across offer such plans and have ads placed all over their site which means they are making money via ad networks.

      I always abide by this saying: "If something sounds too good to be true then it probably is"


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        Instead of opting for free hosting one can always go with web 2.0 sites to get started with. These web 2.0 sites act as parasites in the eyes of Google, some of the examples being Weebly, sitejournal etc.

        The point is to not go with something that is at huge risk but something better and there is always a good chance your business might rank on serps