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  • Best place to sell websites

    I have a website full working seo optimized and with a unique design, i do not have much free time to administrate it, so i want to sell it where can i sell websites ?

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    Try selling them on craigslist or Flippa


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      You can try selling them on ebay as well.


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        Hi Davedj.

        Bias aside, you really can't go past Flippa.

        We've built it as a website marketplace from the ground up so you can auto populate your listing with a wealth of information specific for your site such as pagerank, analytics stats, domain verification and SEO metrics (generic marketplaces like eBay/craiglist can't do this).

        As such, you will not find anywhere else with more active qualified website buyers and the auctioning system ensures you get the best possible price.

        Hope to see you on Flippa. Either way, good luck with your sale.


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          Hey Andrew, great to see Flippa Official Member joining our forum.
          I have observed that Flippa selling ratio has lowered down rapidly since the month of September. Though I still believe that Flippa is the best site to sell websites, however, the falling ratio takes most of the sellers in doubt if the website selling sites are dead.


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            Thanks Sanersone.

            Great to be here

            Are you referring to specific listings or Flippa in general? My recall of the "Listing Sold Last 3 Months" metric that we publish on the homepage is that it has remained on the 55-56% mark for some time now. Our data is not showing a drop off but I understand there to be an ongoing shift in the market for specific site types.

            Turnkey Wordpress sites were amazingly popular 12 months or so ago but now may not sell so quickly (or for the same prices) as more sellers appear with homogenous offerings to satisfy demand and buyers become increasingly capable of creating these sites themselves.

            Sites that perform well across key metrics such as PR, revenue, traffic, domain name quality and content continue to attract buyers - they typically sell if they have been properly priced.

            Hope that helps.