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  • Best firewall to choose

    Which is the best firewall to choose for windows server? Shall i go for a hardware firewall or any secured software firewall? Also, Is there any free of cost firewall for my CentOS that can offer me enough security without slowing down my server?

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    For windows server, i would recommend you to consider a hardware firewall as it will offer you good security for your server. For Linux CSF software firewall would work for you. Hope it helps


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      CSF definitely for Linux and Windows firewall should be more than sufficient on the Windows operating system, possibly with IPSEC also. || VPS Hosting || Reseller Hosting


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        Firewall facilities varies according to different hosting companies, but most of the hosting companies provides software firewalls as free one and as you required additional hardware to consume hardware firewall you may need to pay the specific charges for it.


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          As a default feature, most web hosting companies offer shared software firewalls with their web hosting packages. Only if you have a VPS, Semi-Dedicated Server or a Dedicated Server, you have the option to make a choice between the dedicated hardware firewalls.


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            If you are worried about DDOS attacks or security issues then using a shared firewall would not be a suitable option for you rather you need to go with Dedicated Hardware Firewall which will cost you good amount on top of server cost. For better server security & peace of mind such extra expenditure worth a lot.
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