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  • This Connection is Untrusted.

    We tend to get panic when we see the error message 'This Connection is Untrusted'

    How to fix this?
    Follow the below steps::

    1. Check if the the SSL entry for the website is correct or not. If not add the give path to correct folder inside the Apache configuration.

    2. Check if the SSL certificate is valid and installed properly in the respective folder.

    3. Also check if the system date and time is correct as per your time zone.


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    Hey Rex,

    Thanks for the sharing this information.

    Sometime we need to bypass this warning like while accessing the WHM using https link. We can bypass the warning "The connection is untrusted" using following steps
    1. On the warning page, Click on "I Understand the Risks"
    2. After that click on "Add Exception...." The Add Security Exception dialog will appear.
    3. Read the text and after that click on "Confirm Security Exception" if you want to trust the site.


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      I was going to explain what Richie has already perfectly described. For some reason (in most cases unclear) your browser can consider absolutely safe website as untrusted. Adding exception easily solves this issue. I was stricken with panic for the first time when I placed an order to do my essay and then cannot access the site. Though everything worked very well eventually.


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