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how do you set up 'Email Piping'?

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  • how do you set up 'Email Piping'?

    Hello everyone,

    As in the title I would like to know how to set up Email Piping.

    OK I know how to set up email Forwarding eg so an email to [email protected] can be directed to my personal email.

    But what i want to set up is the email piping option in the support centre script im using (trellis desk). The email piping is basically what WHUK and others use with their ticket system, eg 1.Customer submits a ticket in support centre
    2.Customer receives an email reply
    3.Customer can then reply to email, and reply is added to their ticket in the ticket centre.

    Hope that makes it clear what i mean.

    In the support script it asks for
    'Incoming Email',
    'Mail server address', 'Username & Password'

    I have looked at the Email forwarding in the CP but im still not sure what i need to do.

    Any advice for an idiot please

    Many thanks
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    For e-mail piping first you need to select the desired e-mail address to be added as the forwarder from the Forwarders option in cPanel.

    Then in the Forwarder's section, you click on the Advanced Options .

    Here you need to Select the option : Pipe to a Program and in the box there you need to enter like following to execute the script :-

    /usr/local/bin/php -q /home/cpusername/public_html/index.php [absolute path to the php script]

    [or /usr/local/php]

    And add the Forwarder.

    Also, if you have the 'root' access to the server , you can check it's entry in the file - /etc/valiases/domain.tld

    Hope this helps


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      Email piping is a process in which redirecting is being done, email that are coming to an email address to a php/cgi script. Email piping is optional feature to a autoresponder PRO functionality. But you can use customised Email subscriptions feature if you have email piping feature in your hosting panel. Majority of theHost panels like Cpanel, Hsphere, Plesk, Directadmin - all comes with Email piping unless your host deliberately disables it on some panels.


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        Sorry for the delay'd reply.

        Just wanted to say thanks for the info provided.

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