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IE tells me not to access CP and leave webpage!

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  • IE tells me not to access CP and leave webpage!

    OK, not the greatest of starts. After signing in, i infuriatingly looked for ages and clicked link after probable link to find access to my Control Panel.

    All of the tabs in the window were just advertising the products available. I found one single untitled icon and after clicking on that i saw a very small reference to 'login to plesk'.

    However, there i remain lol. Internet Explorer throws up a 'THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THIS WEBPAGE/SITE SECURITY CERTIFICATE' and i am recommended to instantly close the link to the webpage and not proceed any further!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can someone please tell me if there actually IS a link to one's control panel after logging in and also, do i dare proceed to the 'login to Plesk' contrary to the warnings that are appearing on my screen?.

    All i want to do is upload my files to establish my website. They are all present and waiting on my computer and fortunately still live on lycos before thet close down soon.

    Apart from i fear possessing an adequate amount of brain cells, why on earth can't i log in and click on a direct link to a control panel that allows me to upload and manage my site? Be it Plesk, cPanel or whatever - are they one and the same? why is the link recommended to be shut down by IE?

    Many thanks in anticipation of assistance.
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    The security warning that you get is a limitation of the browser and it is NOT a security risk at all.The best thing for you to do is to "Accept The Certificate". You do get an option to Permanently Accept it. I'll suggest you to do that otherwise you will continuously see the "Warning" every time you log in. The reason for such warnings is that a security certificate is issued to a domain name and not an IP address. However when you logon to your account control panel on a shared server, you login to the IP address of the server and not the into the domain that the SSL Certificate is issued to. So there is nothing much to worry about.
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      By reading this, I am sure that you are hosted on a Windows server with Plesk control panel to manage the hosting, as this control panel throws the warning by default. whenever you try to login to it.

      Don't worry about the error - this occurs due to the fact the IP of the server is used on the certificate rather than each individual domain name. Control panels assign a certificate to the hostname of the server and they are self assigned certificates and not from the an authorized company. However even if you install the certificate you will still get a warning because we are use to access the control panel either with the domain or the IP address but never with the hostname. The certificate used for Plesk is the default one which is automatically installed. It comes up with the error because it is self signed by SWSoft now Parallels. There is nothing to worry about as this happens with ever Plesk installation there is; your data is still encrypted when it is transferred.. Do let me know if you have any further doubts..
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        Many thanks for the above replies, much appreciated.

        The warning brings back memories of when i first ever sat at a computer in my local library and after half an hour up popped a message saying 'you have performed an illegal operation' lol....scared the hell out of me....thought i was going to be arrested.

        I'm likely to have just one more query as a new customer, but i'm off out right now and it needs to be in a new thread anyway (the FTP password isn't being accepted).

        I'm very impressed thus far with what i've encountered of the support system in place. Lycos shutting down is the best thing ever in my eyes (yep i'm one of the many refugees washing up on the shores of webhosting companies)


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          Tha's very true. You cannot ignore any of the messages that you get while working on your hosting account. All you need to do is get the correct information about those messages and then later on you can ignore the messages if they are not that important.
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