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  • Hurry! Register your .wine TLD today

    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) launched a new domain name system offering in 2011. Under this program, it allows possibility of reserving new gTLDs (Generic Top Level Domains) for individuals, businesses and brands. The Domain Name System designed to provide suffixes for new domain names.

    A company can reserve its own name or that of its trade mark, such as “.london” or “.iphone” as a new gTLD. Geographical names and purely generic product or service names can also be reserved in this way, far expanding the options beyond .com, and multitude of other aging suffixes.

    The conditions for assigning these new gTLDs are set out in a lengthy document entitled as the “Application Guidebook”. Many of the new entries - including .technology and .photography - touched down with an obvious purpose, which can't be said for decidedly less conventional ones -such as .barefoot, .whoswho. and .zulu.

    The “.WINE” and the “.VIN” domains are the new entry in the domain registration database. These new top-level domains are worth to register for businesses related to Vineyards, wine producers. By just registering this TLD with a strong keyword can help brand achieve many more. Wine supporters can develop .WINE websites to discuss and share their favorite wines and find more information about the subject.

    There are different ways to use a .WINE TLD because the leading wine industry and individuals can register this to be a part of international e-commerce business. You can also become a part of the growing online wine community, whether you are a wine expert, a seller, a blogger, a vineyard, or even if you are a wine enthusiast. Some people claim that having a .COM domain name is better, because it is easier to remember. In reality, this does not matter anymore and it will be even less relevant once the new domain extensions have been released.

    For a start, if a user has visited a site before, their browser will suggest the website name when a user types in the first few letters. Therefore, the extension does not matter. In addition, the new domain extensions will have real relevance to their websites.

    Hurry! Register your .wine TLD today. For more information, contact Billing Department.
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