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  • .NGO & .ONG Domains

    NGO means an Organization which is Non Governmental. It is non profit oriented & ONG means “non-governmental organization” for the countries preferring romance language. (Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, and Romanian.)

    An NGO can be setup by ordinary people. The capital for NGO can be funded by private individuals, governments and business foundations.

    NGO's are primarily run by volunteers. NGO's are organizations from diverse groups that are from different types of industries that carry out various activities and are spread across the globe. Some work for exemption of taxes and fulfilling the social cause, while others work totally for charity.

    Public Interest Registry (PIR) is the domain registry who owns and operates .ORG domains.
    They are now introducing two new TLD's (.NGO and .ONG) in the market. These new domains are designed for non-governmental organizations.

    .NGO and .ONG domains are sold as part of a domain bundle and can only be purchased together. When you purchase .NGO domain in the bundle you will get the right for .ONG domain.

    Creating profile pages and accepting donations online are a few benefits that a NGO shall enjoy in addition to being included in the new online directory of PIR (Public Interest Registry).

    .NGO and .ONG will be available to register on Wednesday, December 2, 2015.

    There are some reasons why a nonprofit organization should apply for .NGO and .ONG domains:

    1. Validation: Genuine NGO's can register these domains easily.

    2. Trust Building: The nonprofit organizations are only eligible for registering these domains. NGO domain shall create confidence about the genuineness of the NGO in the minds of volunteers, supporters and donors.

    3. Visibility: PIR( Public Interest Registry) add the domain's organization details in the online NGO directly.

    4. Reach Global Audience: It allows organization to register both the domain names in both languages which will help the organization, supporters and donors to reach worldwide.

    The Public Interest Registry (PIR) has developed a validation process for registering the .NGO/.ONG domains with the help of the global NGO community.

    Following seven criterias are used to define an NGO for the purpose of validation:

    1.The NGO should work towards consumer interest only.
    2.The NGO must be a Non Profit Organizations.
    3.The NGO should be independent from government or political influence.
    4.The members participating in the NGO should be Voluntary.
    5.The NGO should be an Active organization.
    6.The NGO should function in a structured format.
    7.The NGO should carry out its activities in a legal manner.

    If you are looking to register these TLD's then kindly contact Billing Department through live chat, email or send us a ticket from client area.

    Lucy Smith,
    Billing Team.

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    I will suggest buying domains with these new extensions to my cousin who runs an organization for protection of consumer interests. The advantage of buying such a domain is that he will be able to get a domain name of his choice.


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      I work for a registrar. PIR is fairly strict in that upon registration of an ong/ngo duo it’s immediately put on serverhold while they communicate directly with the registrant to verify that the domain is indeed registered for an NGO. If you don’t respond to their emails to verify the domain, it’ll remain on hold indefinitely.

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