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The new Second Level Domain .UK domain : Coming Soon !!

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  • The new Second Level Domain .UK domain : Coming Soon !!

    A good news for the one who loves the short and sharper second level domain.

    According to NOMINET, the new shorter .UK domains will be available starting from June 10, 2014 on first-come-first-served basis.

    Nominet has updated its WHOIS tool so that customers find the right kind of information for the registered .UK domains.

    The existing .uk domain holders will be offered the shorter equivalent of their current address, and can have five years to decide whether they want to use it in addition to or instead of their existing domains.

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    As per the fresh updates from the NOMINET, the pre-registration option is not available for the new .UK domains. Also, the registration process as well as the cost for the new .UK domain will remain the same as or domain names.


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      That's right, the .UK domains are open for registration. Users can search for the domains from here and following the on-screen instructions.

      Here are a couple of references explaining various details of this domain :

      If you have any questions wrt. registering this SLD, please feel comfortable voicing it here. We'd be glad to assist, it'd also help others wanting to have a domain with .UK extension.


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        Looks like it is going to be the new standard for websites associated with the UK. One who already has a domain should definitely look to book the .uk domain associated with it.


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          Some very good insights shared by Nominet at about .uk domains.

          It specifies .uk registration policies, the need to have five years window for existing owners and why this new TLD was introduced.