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  • Interesting Domain Name Facts

    >> was born on a Valentine’s Day baby.

    >> Oddly, all domain names with the letter A repeated in any succession from 1-63 are registered. Apologies for delivering the bad news if you were planning to register aaaaa...x63 .com.

    >> The most expensive domain was sold for $35 million

    >> The first registered domain name was registered on 15th March, 1985.

    >> Domain names are most commonly 11 characters long. They also most commonly start with the letter S. This is probably because more English words begin with S than with any other letter.

    >> was supposed to be The Google founders, Larry Page and Sean Anderson had intended to name their company “Googol,”. The two made a minor spelling error when they sat down to search if “googol” was available as a domain name. was registered and the rest is history.

    >> The Nigerian domain extension (.ng) is the most expensive tld you can register. They cost $40,000 a year to register.

    >> While .info is the 4th largest TLD, 33% of it are operated by Germans

    >> Sadly, we are not in 1995 anymore, the days when domain names were free!

    >> World's shortest domain is

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    It is responsibility of the domain name registrants' to respond to inquiries from your Registrar within fifteen (15) days and keep your Registrar account data current.


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      Before the site was defunct,, which sold battery products Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox in Italy.