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Advantages of .Mobi domain extension

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  • Advantages of .Mobi domain extension

    I have a desktop/laptop business. I am searching a domain extension for my website. Today morning, I get a call from a sales person and he said that they would create a .mobi site. He also told me the advantages of this and it would increase my site's seo for my website.

    I want to know that is it possible? Can a .Mobi domain extension would be beneficial for me?

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    I'm not sure if it'd help from an SEO perspective, but having a mobile version of your website can definitely help with serving well to readers accessing your site via. handheld devices. May some of our other forum mates be able to shed more light on this.


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      In my point of view, the answer in a single word is “no”.
      .mob is simply in the business of trying to get you to buy something. There is nothing any more special about the .mobi TLD than any other TLD.


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        .mobi domain has advantages or made up advantages ?

        .mobi is a top level sponsored domain name used by mobile businesses. The dot mobi domain extension was ratified by ICANN in 2005 and initiated resolving as a functioning extension in 2006.

        As known the domain extension is not going to give a great SEO advantage to the website,
        but the .mobi domain providers claim there are certain SEO Advantages.

        Today the numbers of internet users are growing on the mobile devices. It takes some efforts to make a mobile viewed website which has a limited screen resolution and navigation contrivance for mobile.

        Network level transcoders usually whitelist dot mobi domains.

        Most of the .mobi websites are of good quality and appear on top of mobile search results

        You can still find your first choice domain name available in .mobi and is useful to get short URLs which make searches on the mobile devices easy.

        .mobi has industry support is highly promoted and having wide spread reach on the mobile web.


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          Hi Jenni,

          As per my opinion .mobi domains are a must today as it's a smartphone era now. I am not sure if these domains wouldn't help for SEO purpose but these would surely help in converting the visitors to your customers.



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            More and more people are logging in through their smartphones and tabs. People are also doing their shopping using mobile devices. In such a scenario having a .mobi domain would be an advantage though most established sites are still on .com domains.