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How many scripts allow to install for a domain?

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  • How many scripts allow to install for a domain?

    Is there any limit on the number of scripts allowed to install for a domain?
    Can anyone advise me?

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    There is NO such limit, you can install as many scripts as you want for your domain.

    The only thing necessary is that your scripts should be quite genuine and it shouldn’t overload the server.


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      I am guessing the OP is referring to script as in plugins here. It all comes down to the need of the end user. I make it a point to stick with 4-5 plugins max. as it all comes down to load factor. You can end up installing way more plugins than that but I do not see the purpose. If you are looking to install too many plugins then make sure to have a caching plugin such as W3 cache installed as you do want to slow down your site due to too many active plugins.


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        Considering you want your site to rank well on serps I won't install more than 5-6 plugins as anything above that is going to harm your site's potential.