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Aliasing and managing a domain

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  • Aliasing and managing a domain


    I have 2 domains. One is the main domain for the site the other just needs to point to the site dealing with web pages and email in the same way the main domain does.

    I have tried setting this up as a parked domain and and redirecting to the main domain but I keep getting domain not found. In the advanced dns settings it points to the same server settings as the main domain.

    Any suggestions.

    There also does not seem to be any area in the control panel where you can see a clear list of domains on one page with what they are doing. This strikes me as odd but may be just what I'm used to elsewhere.

    Any help much appreciated.


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    You will need the second domain to have its own website and email service both correct? Do you also need a redirect set on the main website ?


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      No. There is only one website the second domain just needs to point at it and work as an alias. So for instance if someone were to send an email to [email protected] com- or [email protected] com-then both would work and be dealt with as per the settings on the MX record for the -actualdomain. com-.

      Web wise if someone were to type in -www.actualdomain. com- or -www.aliasdomain. com- then either would point to the root folder for the hosting under