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    I thought of starting a website to offer paid links. I was using domain name. Found that no one was interested in this offer. Is that because I used a free domain name? Is there any specific reason that domains are not taken into consideration by IMs even if the domain name is full of keywords?

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    Well, if you want to earn money with paid links, you can't, unless you pay for domain names. If you use .com domain name, you can get a good business. Think, if you are not ready to pay, why would anyone else pay you?


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      As are free domains, they do not have a very great reputation and hence most of the business owners think that they won't get any benefit if they pay for ads on a domain website even if the content is good and the website has good rankings. This is the reason you did not find anyone interested in paying for ads on a domain name.

      If you wish to receive a positive response, you can choose one of the paid domain TLD's available for a domain name and develop your website on it.