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.CO Domain registration.

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  • .CO Domain registration.

    Good News ..!!!

    .CO domain is now available to general public for registration. And, we have started accepting the order's for .CO domain's.

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    That's great news
    I may be booking few names in hope i could resell them in future at bigger $$
    Well, as of now i would like to know the cost for a single .CO domain registration


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      Thanks for showing your positive interest.
      The purchase price of single .CO extension domain name is £25.00 (GBP) / 1 Year.

      Austin K.


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        Excellent news || VPS Hosting || Reseller Hosting


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          There are meant to be over 200,000 .CO domains registered already and it's only been 1 day since it's general availability. A lot of the domains I have looked for are gone already, and I expect it will be fairly popular for sure


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            .CO is short and catchy. Recognition value is therefore very high. Domain experts expect strong demand for the .CO domain, especially in relation to trade and commerce. Studies have shown that Internet users positively associate the .CO suffix with terms such as ‘COmmerce’, ‘COmpany’ and ‘COrporation’.

            Companies that currently hold a .COM domain now have an opportunity to extend their online identity with the corresponding .CO domain.


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              I believe .co is a great and promising TLD. Registrants would easily leave .net for .co. But I kinda think that at least for the next 5 years, .com will still be the most popular and demanded TLD.


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                Certainly, it's a great opportunity. Those who have missed out with .com domain name can consider .co domains. i.e if you have missed out you can go for to brand your business or for commercial purposes.

                It will not take away anything from .com domain as its the most preferred TLD and will maintain its importance.


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                  .CO is the new domain extension that offers people and companies more choice in branding their online presence. It's the online space where people can fulfill their dreams.

                  If you have an existing .CO domain, you can transfer your names at any time! You have to obtain the authorization transfer codes that were emailed to you by the .CO registry.


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                    .CO is the country-code Top Level Domain for Colombia. The new second level .CO domain is being marketed by the Colombian Registry as an "open-ccTLD" or "quasi- gtld".

                    Moreover, .CO serves an entirely different purpose if treated as a gTLD instead of a ccTLD.
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