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Hosting subdomains on different server question

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  • Hosting subdomains on different server question

    I have hosted on serverA (shared, cpanel access only) and I want to have hosted on serverB (my server with vps, whm, cpanel).

    On serverA I create an A record using Simple DNS Zone Editor in cpanel pointing to my vps server IP.

    pinging from my pc resolves to ServerB (immediately but i also have waited a few hours).

    requesting on a browser shows defaultwebpage.cgi (also on ServerB)

    What I am not getting is what am i supposed to do on ServerB to have added on a cpanel account.

    When I try to add it as an addon domain i get "error from wrapper" saying that the domain is not using the correct dns servers.

    Do I have to add an A record to my domain registrar for the also or is it simple a matter of waiting "up to 48 hours" as with the usual nameserver changes? It has been 8 hours since the creation of the A record.


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    You can able to create now domains are not pointing to your VPS. Don't need to add A record for the from domain registrar end. It would be great, if you PM me sub-domain name. It will help us to investigate further.


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      Today, some 24 hours after creating the A record on domainA server, I was able to create the as an addon domain to my vps account without a problem.

      Since you haven't changed anything on my server's configuration, I think it was just a matter of waiting for the A record to propagate through the DNS system.

      If you still think there is a reason for you to invastigate further I will send you the domain details. I reply here for the benefit of others...



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        I have already made tweak on your vps, so you should able to create domains, which are not pointing to your vps. You have created sub-domain properly in your account so don't need to inform me your domain name.

        Please feel free to post here, if you have further query.


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          ok, thanks.