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What does parked domain mean?

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  • What does parked domain mean?

    What does parked domain mean? What does it do?

    I have around 15 different domain names and some of them I will redirect to the ones that are live. But what does parking them do?

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    Parked domains are the domains which are not used. These domains do not have any email accounts, webpage etc. like a domain name has. These domains are just taken and kept either for development or for selling them in future. This is generally done by resellers as they can sell domains if they have them already registered.


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      Parked domains are domains that are parked on top of another. It is basically like forwarding a domain to another domain. Through cpanel you can still create email accounts, etc for the parked domain.

      i use it if i have a .com and .co.uk, i park the .com on the .co.uk domain, so that is someone goes to mysite.com it takes then to the mysite.co.uk site.


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        The parked domain are the domains which are not active and are on hold for the later use or can be used to point the other active domains. For Ex: you have an active domain name "example.com" and have a registered another domain named "example.net". You can point the domain the "example.net" to "example.com" so that users can access your website using both the domains.


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          In simple words, parked domains mean reserving domain name for future development.


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            From what I understand Nick, your confusion is between Park domains and domain redirects.

            I'll try and explain it in simple terms:

            Domain redirection is for making a web page available under many URLs. For Eg. if I have a domain Rachelscommunity.com and later I purchase another domain as Rachelforums.com. Now I want all users to use the only forums that I initially had i.e Rachelscommunity.com. So I'll set a redirect and all users that browse Rachelforums.com will be redirected to Rachelscommunity. Once the user is redirected to Rachelscommunity.com then Rachelforums.com is no longer a web page for the user.

            Now as far as Domain parking is concerned, I initially purchased Rachelscommunity.com and required some time to find a good host and do the website part. In this time the domain was using the default nameservers of the domain registrar, that is the domain had a parking page set. So when any visitor visited Rachelscommunity.com they saw a page like "domain registered by 'registrar name'.. etc..etc" But here the website is not redirected to the domain registrar's website, it only shows a parking page. So users are still browsing my website.

            Hope this information helps.


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              you can earn money, from one parked domains, did you hear for that?


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                Originally posted by Mentori View Post
                you can earn money, from one parked domains, did you hear for that?
                Indeed it is possible to earn money from any Parked Domains. If you are good in selling products then you can definitely try your luck with being Domain Reseller

                Do you wish to sale your parked domain, if yes, I would recommend you to place it on any reseller forums.


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                  Originally posted by Mentori View Post
                  you can earn money, from one parked domains, did you hear for that?
                  Yes, its called as parked domain monetization. Ad are displayed on the parked domains by the domain registrars or the internet advertising publishers. The ad publishers usually pay the domain owner on pay per click basis. Its one of the easiest way to earn money.
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