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How to prevent WordPress site from getting hacked?

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  • How to prevent WordPress site from getting hacked?


    For the past few days we have been stressed with a hacked Wordpress website.
    The sites were hacked and embed a script which sends out email.
    Overall the site has been hacked about 3 or 4 times.

    Initially we just deleted the junk file but it didnít work.
    Even we clean Wordpress instalation, and kind of rebuild the website. Again everything was quiet for a few months till the website got hacked again.

    Thank you

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    If this is only with your one website then wordpress plugin that you are using can be cause for hacking.

    Newly revslider plugin vulnerability has been detected. So make sure to check all the plugins you installed on your WordPress.


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      Also ensure your client billing accounts and email accounts too secure. If someone have access to that, there is no use of reinstalling WordPress.


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        Meanwhile the hacking occurrence is repeated after building the site from scratch, you may be using a plugin or theme that is weak and could have a backdoor in it.


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          Some WordPress plugin developers intentionally place backdoor to their plugin or theme. And they won’t activate this immediately once they have got more people installed it on their WordPress then they start using it.


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            .htaccess (hypertext access) is the default name of directory-level configuration files that allow for decentralized management of configuration when placed inside the web tree. .htaccess files are often used to specify the security restrictions for the particular directory. This is not an exact tip that falls under the list but you should know about .htaccess because you can do a lot with it to prevent wordpress hack. I am not going to get in depth for this term but I found out some sweet .htaccess hacks which can tighten your wordpress security.