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  • Wordpress for Subscription service

    This question is directed to the wordpress wizz's or people with online subscription services. I have a business to selling a subscription. I have to set up a website so the customers can come, sign up, and also pay for their subscription. Id like to make it so they have the option to pay monthly basis, quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis. I also want to make it so they can make it recurring, thus they do not require to log in and pay monthly.
    Can anybody suggest a good wordpress plug in, or any ways I can go about implementing on my website?

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    I couldn't find a reliable one in the free list. You probably want to check here. Also have a word with your developer if he can help you with that.


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      If your business is selling subscription, then you might need to set up your site so visitor can easily come on your site and register and pay for their subscription. You also need a customized solution or a wordpress tool might be sufficient.