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    I have seen some other web hosting companies say they have "Unlimited Bandwith, ram, Etc." on their shared servers. Something doesn't seem quite right about that. How can companies make that claim, because if it were unlimited wouldn't every one be using that?

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    I think you have be tread with caution when you have a Web Hosting company that offers Unlimited X, Y, Z on a shared server. There is often a catch, for example, they might restrict they kinds and types of things you are allowed to host.


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      I will suggest you to think over such a offer, as the term "Unlimited" does not exists in the Hosting world. The resources like Disk space and Bandwidth are the Backbones of the Hosting service providers and it's not possible to offer unlimited resources on any of the hosting plans. Its very simple that a person may order a Shared hosting plan and can use 100-200 GB of disk space and 1000 GB of bandwidth if the hosting provider offers "Unlimited" hosting plans at cheap rates. So why will anyone go for higher hosting plans like a VPS, Cloud or Dedicated if he can use "Unlimited" resources on Shared package by paying just a fraction of the total cost when compared with higher hosting plans.


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        “Unlimited Resources” is not possible on any hosting plan. Hosting providers just advertise and if a user starts using more resources, they suspend his account without any prior notification. So its better to use a hosting plan which has fixed amount of resources to get a good hosting service and upgrade your Hosting plan as your website grows big.
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