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Advantage & Disadvantages Of Windows Reseller Hosting

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    Apart from supported applications like, ms sql, mvc and many more, the main advantage of a Windows reseller account is the ability to create multiple windows shared account to resell and earn.

    And only disadvantage can be the lack of root RDP access unlike VPS


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      Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting service where owner of the account has the permissions to create customers under his account to sell certain amount of disk space & bandwidth to his customers without renting a Dedicated / VPS server. This applies to both both Windows & Linux hosting platform.

      Advantages of windows reseller account would be for those who has customer base of websites using language supported only by windows [Asp / Silverlight / MVC]. Additional Licensing costs for windows comes into consideration only when opting for VPS/dedicated server. In both Linux & Windows Shared reseller plans, customers are provided access to control panel only. Through which you can manage your website settings.

      The concern here is of your requirement rather than that of advantage, if you have websites running on languages only supported by windows then the choice is clear.


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        Why Windows

        One has to remember that regardless of the desktop Operating system (O.S) on the personal computer this has nothing to do with the selection of O.S for webhosting.

        Think how many clients would need windows application like MS Access, ASP.NET, MSSQL, Visual Basic development. So considering the number of resellers clients who need to use windows application the Reseller may opt for the Windows Reseller hosting .

        Advantages of Windows
        • Windows hosting can be made compatible with Linux programming features like PHP and MySQL.
        • For beginners it is better for learning, no need to learn a new language just for maintaining website.
        • Better for websites driven by dynamic database and support .ASP or Active server Pages.
        • Seamless integration of database i.e. Access database can be done with by the windows server.
        • Visual Interdev is compatible with windows.
        • Most web application, Microsoft applications are compatible.
        • Provides complete integration for database servers like MSSQL, MySQL, MSDE.
        • At high server loads windows provide server stability.
        Additional cost for license seems small in comparison to the features offered by windows.