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Can I use multiple IPs on dedicated server?

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  • Can I use multiple IPs on dedicated server?

    I have dedicated server and I want to know that how to use multiple IPs which I have.
    How can I know which are the IPs?

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    It's depends on your dedicated server provider. Your dedicated server provider also informed you which IP addresses are allocated to your server.


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      Hello Hadley,
      You can use multiple IP address on dedicated server.

      To find out the range of ip addresses is with :
      netmask -r
      Commonly the first is network number, the next would be the router (check with your web host even though you should have already which configured) and the last is the broadcast address. The 5 left over addresses must be free to use.


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        Hi Hadley,

        With the dedicated server you will be allocated a particular number of IPs. You can certainly add more IPs to your server at an additional cost. Each additional IP will cost you 2.00 per month and 20.00 per year. You will need to provide us a valid justification for each additional IP.

        Once you have made the payment, you will be sent an email with the IP address you have been allocated.

        Let us know if you need any further information in this regards. We would be glad to assist.