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Stuck with root access and ssh keys

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  • Stuck with root access and ssh keys

    I am stubborn and been trying to do this and googling lots of things but I am completely stuck and am now asking for help or a guide to follow on being able to access my VPS linux server.

    Below is what I have managed to do

    1) Setup the keys in WHM
    2) Authorise the keys in WHM
    3) Download the keys to my PC

    Now this is where I get stuck I have downloaded Putty there are several versions so not sure if I even have the correct one(s)

    I need to know what to do next? As I have tried all kinds of things but I am wandering around in the dark to be honest as I have never done this.

    I am needing SSH access in order to install an application if that makes a difference to what I need to be doing.

    So if anyone has a guide that I can follow that would be great or tell me the steps that I need to take.