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What is the right time to switch to VPS?

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  • What is the right time to switch to VPS?


    Currently my website is hosted on shared server and I am facing a lot of down time, do I need to upgrade my shared hosting plan or VPS hosting will be a good option for me?

    Thank You

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    VPS can a good option, let’s have a look over the following infographic where you will find the complete information for the right switch for a hosting plan.


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      Initially, shared hosting is good. But later on, we require more resources as our demand increases or traffic increases on the website. VPS is always a better option and it is better to opt for VPS hosting initially itself. Though, for start ups shared hosting is better in order to cut down the costs. However, don't use shared hosting for a long time. When you realize your computing needs are increasing, make a shift to VPS hosting instantly.


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        Try to find the root cause of the down time. If it is due to insufficient resources then you can think of upgrading.

        A quick note on shared servers the resources are shared among all the users (Ram and CPU) and if you opt for a VPS you will have dedicated RAM and CPU for your website.


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          In case if you are having heavy traffic on website then you need to shift to vps or server. For E-commerce websites with huge database, VPS is best option. Checkout VPS9 networks for Instant unmanaged and managed VPS Services.


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            If you have any heavy applications or lot of traffic means switch to VPS, before choosing providers check with moneyback guarantee, and compare with uptime, high hardware setup, and prices also, because, or leasedlayer, ctrlswitches lot popular providers giving some offers also, check offers section and select better one.