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How to download files directly to FTP?

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  • How to download files directly to FTP?

    Hello Everyone,

    Here I am thinking if it is possible to download a particular file to my FTP directly from the internet, instead of downloading the file to my computer and then uploading it onto my server??

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    Hello SparkFusion,

    Yes, there is a way to download a perticular file onto the FTP. You can use "wget" command via SSH it will straight away download the file to the server.

    You can use the SSH in windows with the help of softwares like putty. Once you connect the SSH you will need to nevigate to directory you want the file to be downloaded by using command 'cd'


    "Foldername" is the directory you want the file to be downloaded to.

    Once in the directory use 'wget' to get the file:

    wget http://URL-to-the-file


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      Thanks for sharing, never thought this was possible. Is this also possible on the shared hosting packages?


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        I'm afraid the "wget" command is disabled on our shared servers. However, if you are downloading anything from a secure source, we will enable it for you. You just need to make sure that the download source is secure and whatever you download doesn't harm the server in any way.

        Feel free to post if you have any other queries or concerns.
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