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How long to set up a vps!

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  • How long to set up a vps!

    How long to set up a vps?

    If it takes a day or maybe even 2 days then as long as i'm told that, it isn't a problem ... or i can seek an alternative arrangement/solution.
    BUT to say it takes a couple of hours, and then later say in 4 or 5 hours it will be done, and it still isn't done 18 hours later .... and counting.

    Been with this company a long time and really thinking about going somewhere else! Horendeous email issues over the past couple months which i must have been told 20 times that they were fixed. Ok my fault i was hacked in the first place but how many times can support tell me "the issue is with rDNS and its now been fixed?"

    Anyway, hopefully a new vps (when ready) will sort it

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    just hade email through


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      Jon, I apologize for the delay. We are unable to locate any account in our system with your email.

      Is this query related to an existing account?


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        Hello Jon,

        Sorry your post is not very clear to me. Have you already ordered for a VPS or you are still looking to order for it?