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When Do I Need VPS Hosting?

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  • When Do I Need VPS Hosting?

    With a lot of websites being hosted on VPS, so I wanted to know why I need to have a VPS hosting for my website?

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    VPS hosting offers several benefits over the shared hosting. It is an intermediate solution between shared hosting and a dedicated server.
    You may need a VPS Hosting in case of-

    • More number of resources: With aVPS hosting you get more computing resources like bandwidth, server space, memory, etc. to handle increased traffic requests and there is no possibility that with VPS hosting in place, your website will suffer in case of surged traffic sessions.

    • Traffic requirements: Shared hosting provides a limited number of resources and these are not scalable. With an increased number of resources, your website might collapse. To save your website from such circumstances which could create a negative impact on your business, then you definitely need a VPS hosting, which can scale your website as per the incoming traffic without any human intervention.

    • Control: In case of shared hosting it is not possible for you as a developer to have control over your applications. But, when you go for a VPS hosting, you’re in full control and can easily experiment with your applications.

    • Price: Out of various available hosting solutions available, VPS Hosting is the best one to go for. It is low-budgeted and all you require is dedicated hosting. You can easily host on the VPS and then migrate to the dedicated servers to earn higher profits.

    • Privacy: VPS hosting can be a great solution if you’re looking to store the mission-critical applications. It is not possible with shared hosting because data isn’t much secured and also you may not be able to afford the cost bearing to the dedicated servers.
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