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What is SSD VPS Hosting?

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  • What is SSD VPS Hosting?

    I have heard a lot about SSD VPS hosting and I wanted to know more in detail about the SSD VPS hosting and what are its advantages?

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    Virtual private server (or VPS) depicts a virtual machine that is sold as a service by an Internet hosting service and it runs its own copy of an operating system. The customers can have super user-level access to that instance of the operating system, thus enabling them to install almost any software on the OS. The VPS is priced much lower than an equivalent physical server.
    The SSD VPS hosting is the latest of the hosting services. The key difference that lies between a normal VPS and SSD-based VPS is the amount of space used by the servers. In the case of an SSD-based VPS hosting, the drivers are the default storage medium as compared to the HDDs. SSD is more of a flash-based memory and has replaced the HDD storage. The factors responsible for selecting SSD over an HDD includes- SSD consumes less power, has faster performance and Faster speed.

    Advantages of SSD VPS Hosting
    Following are 3 major advantages that SSD VPS Hosting holds-
    • SSD hosting uses flash memory for storing data that can improve the read-write speed, thus, leading to improved performance of the server along with the loading speed of the website.
    • SSD hosting is more reliable in terms of efficiency and durability which can be used for building trust and credibility for the customers.
    • Faster loading websites have a direct impact on Google SERPs along with the SEO of your website. The websites that are hosted using the SSD VPS load faster, thereby enhancing the page ranking.