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How can a VPS server benefit me?

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  • How can a VPS server benefit me?

    How can a VPS server benefit me?

    A VPS server is the next form of web hosting that you are likely to upgrade to if you find that your shared hosting package or reseller web hosting package is failing to meet your requirements. A VPS server is a big step up from any form of shared web hosting as you are entering a completely different realm of web hosting in which you are provided with your own dedicated hosting environment which is isolated from anyone else; along with this comes more dedicated resources which you will be able to make full use of. As with any web hosting package it is important for you to make sure that you choose the right VPS server for your requirements, and since there are more factors to consider in a VPS server hosting package than a shared hosting package your choice is made a little bit harder.

    A VPS server will be able to offer you many advantages over your existing shared web hosting package, but mainly you should notice a massive performance increase as you won't have to share your VPS server with anyone else unless you wish to. Although you have to share the hosting node's CPU with the many other VPS servers that are likely to be hosted on the same node as yours, it is important to consider that you will have guaranteed amounts of RAM and bandwidth which will always be available for you to use, and these should help to keep your VPS server stable. Using any VPS server should be able to offer you advantages over your shared hosting account such as:
    • Increased reliability - the number of factors that can affect the reliability of a VPS server are far less than that which can affect the reliability of a shared hosting package, and increased reliability is indeed one of the main reasons why people upgrade to a VPS server from say a shared web hosting package - as each individual VPS server is isolated for the others on the hosting node if an individual VPS server crashes it isn't going to affect the other VPS servers
    • Increased performance - as you will have guaranteed resources assigned to your VPS server you can be more or less guaranteed that you can expect higher levels of performance from your VPS server than your shared hosting package can offer you, and regardless of what you are going to be using your VPS server for you will probably find this advantage to be the most beneficial
    • Increased flexibility - regardless of whether you choose a Windows VPS server or a Linux VPS server, you will be provided with either root or administrator access to your VPS server so that you can manage it properly - as a VPS server offers you your own isolated hosting environment which mimics that offered by a dedicated server, you are able to install any applications of your choice or make any changes you see as appropriate to your VPS server.

    If you are finding it a struggle to use your shared hosting package at the moment then upgrading to a VPS server is a wise move since the advantages offered by VPS server hosting will benefit not only you but also your website. Regardless of whether you require a Windows VPS server or Linux VPS server there is going to be a VPS server available that meets your needs, and since there are many different VPS server hosting packages available at different price points it shouldn't be too hard to find one that fits your budget perfectly.

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    Good morning,

    The flexibility that a VPS offers may also create unexpected problems, if your website is a business then these problems mean money either spent or not earned.

    I have a HyperV VPS with Win 2008, once it was set up I went to Outlook on my desktop to add an account to collect any email sent to my new domain.

    This is a feature that is so basic to any form of hosting, that you probably wouldn't even consider asking if it present, I didn't.

    However it is not present on my Starter VPS package, which is 35 per month. It turns out the Win 2008 has no POP support, so you can send email via SMTP, but receiving it, no chance.

    The simplest solution was to add the Plesk control panel which is 8 per month, or 96 per year, just to collect email. Yikes, that's the same as three basic hosting accounts.

    Yes I know Plesk control panel does more, but from my experience of it, I prefer using the Standard Windows utilities.

    Now that I know that I need to find an mail server I am sure that I could save some money by dumping Plesk and finding just a mail program.

    However for me the web site is a business, so finding and changing over to a replacement mail program is a cost, especially in time.

    You also subject your self to the hassle of maintaining the server, I checked my FTP logs this morning and there have been some automated attempts to log in to it. As the user names have been things like Oracle, Informix, pwrchute and sysbase the intention is obviously not good

    If you need a VPS then you have no choice, but its not like change from a Ford Escort 1.3L to a Ford Escort RS Turbo, you don't just get more power you also get a lot more work.


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