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  • VPS Hosting Uptime Guarantee

    I Don't know what has gone on over that last few weeks, but i feel that the web hosting uk service and quality of customer support and the Servers have gone down dramatically.

    I run a website designing company, i need my sites and clients sites to be on for as long as possible. When i agreed to have a VPS hosting with you guys, i was understanding that it would have atleast 99.5% uptime. So far my VPS has been down 4 times this week, with an average of 1-2 hours down time, and ususaly at the peak of traffic time where i get my clients, and my clients get there clients.

    I'd like to know, what is causing this constant server down time?

    Also, i do feel the customer support has changed over the last few weeks, this is an average conversation with support over msn, aim and live chat.

    You: Hi, how can i help you?
    Me: Hi there, my server is down. This is my IP: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
    You: Please wait.

    <20 Min Gap>

    Me: What seems to be the problem with the server?
    You: Please open a ticket.
    Me: Why what is wrong with the server?
    You: Please open a ticket.

    Thats not very helpful, i apreciate if they can't actualy do anything at the support desk, but i would like to atleast know whats going on with the server im paying for.

    So overall i want to know:

    Why dose my server keep going up and down.
    Why arent the Support team as helpful as the generic team used to be.
    If this keeps going on, i'm going to need some kind of compensation. As im looseing clients, and my clients are looseing customers and comeing to me for refunds and compenstation..

    If it continiues, i will have to find a server elsewhere, sorry.

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    Don't apologize, let them apologize to you.


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      Just not trying to start a flamewar


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        I understand your frustration but we are trying our best to restore all websites ASAP. Transfer rate from US to UK is quite slow right now and we have no other way to make it fast. Backup on our UK backup server is old and that wont help.

        Let us know your domain names and we will get your websites restored with top priority.
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          Why is the back up on your UK server 'old'. You should be backing up every day.


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            I dont know if you understood my post.

            I have not lost any data, just my server keeps going down, timing out or just running slow.

            I'm trying to say that the customer support has gone down alot since the move, i actualy preffer the old generic customer support. The Live chat/msn/aim support team are abysmal.

            What my main concern is the quality of the servers now, this week alone my server has gone down 4 times (same, every week for about a month) and i've had to contact customer support each time. I've got my clients on my back complaining about the down time, and theres nothing i can do to help untill the server is back up.

            "99.95&#37; Uptime Garantee" - So far, i have not experienced this feature yet, and correct me if im wrong, would that not be class as false advertisment?

            When i contact the CS, i want to know whats wrong with my server, not how to open a ticket, sometimes i feel they dont even listern.

            When i first bought the server, about 4 months ago, the service and CS was AMAZING. Problems would be fixed within the minute rather than in the day. They would actualy tell you what was wrong with it, even if they couldnt do anything to fix it and i had to make a ticket.

            And to be honest, if the quality of the server still continiues to be the same by my next invoice, then i will cancel, and find alternate hosting.


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              Is this just going to be ignored? Just some basic questions:

              Why dose my server keep going down several times a week?

              What can be done to assure this wont happen again or alteast as oftern?

              What can be done about myself and customers that have lost clients due to the down time.

              What changes are going to be made to the Customer Support team?



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                Seems like when you want a definitive answer you never get one with Webhosting UK!!!
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                  None of our support staff members work through our forum so we cannot provide you with any answer for why your server or website goes down. We have our helpdesk located at http://support.webhosting.uk.com and we have 24x7 livechat support, MSN, AIM and phone support.

                  Our staff members who work on our forum are from Sales & Marketing background so you cannot expect any of them to answer technical problems.
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                    Admin - Richbate is refering to the lack of information from your support staff through MSN!!!

                    No wonder you can't get a straight answer from anyone in your organisations!!!! You don't flippin understand what we're asking even in the simplist of terms!!!!
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                      I think the general point is one of a dissemination of information.

                      You have a forum and mass email at your disposal.

                      A simple message on either (although probably much better on the email) explaining what had happened and how you were going about fixing it, with a possible estimated time scale, would have saved you a lot of grief from a lot of people. Leaving customers in the dark is the worst form of support you can give.

                      Things are still going on. My database vanished about half an hour ago and only just came back. If you're going to do these things, and repair is still on going then again, a mass email, which costs you nothing, is an easy way to let us know if it's all fixed yet.

                      I don't think people would have been half so angry if they just knew what was happening.


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                        Check my reply to other thread you had started. I've explained in detail.

                        For others who are not happy with MSN support should open a ticket as all those who answer support tickets are senior people in terms of experience and knowledge and reply you will get from them can never go wrong.
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