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How to take Automating IIS back up

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  • How to take Automating IIS back up

    IIS back up process using script.

    1. First you need to create a batch file for back up.
    2. Then schedule it to execute at specified intervals.
    3. Copy this file to C:\windows\system32 folder
    This above command will create a Metabase back up named testbackup and the same can be found at
    "C:\windows\system32\inetsrv\Metaback" folder.
    4. Now if you like to replace old backups and create a new one each scheduled time , add the following.
    "C:\windows\systesm32\csript.exe iisback.vbs /backup /b testbackup /V HIGHEST_VERSION /overwrite"

    This will replace old versions of the same back up created earlier .So before running this , create atleast
    one back up, which will create a back up with version "0".

    *How to Creating a batch file?
    Open Note pad , Open New File Add the following line and save it as backup.bat
    "cscript.exe iisback.vbs /backup /b testbackup".

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    Learn to use PowerShell to manage IIS in this hands-on guide where you'll ... changes to the MyWebsite site and need to start it back up again.