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  • Virtualization application you prefer

    There are various Software and Hardware based Virtualization applications like Virtuozzo, Hyper-V, VM-Ware, Xen. Which one do you prefer and why ?

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    My vote goes to VMWare. VMWare is a hardware virtualization application and supports Cloud computing. The virtual machines created using VMWare also distribute the CPU resources. It offers more features and is considered to be more reliable in comparison to other virtualization applications.


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      Hyper-v is free to use, you can install Windows 2008 OS and VM's can be created. Vmware and Hyper-v both happen to be popular Technologies as far as I know.


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        "Application virtualization" may have several meanings. If you just need to give an access to an application out of the box from a web browser (using a streaming technology), there are alternatives to Citrix, VMWare, Microsoft...etc

        You have ThinRDP for example, or newcomers like Steemind. Both are very light because there is nothing to install client side, and the latter works on HTML4 browsers.


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          I prefer VM-Ware as its a hardware based virtualization platform and its compatible with both Windows and Linux. So you are free to create a VM based on any platform.


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            Why is VMware more preferred by people, when big companies like Amazon, GoGrid uses Xen technology on their servers?


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              People prefer using VMWare because it is one of the best virtualization platforms. In terms of cloud computing, VMWare provides with the most efficient platform that supports all the applications and hosting solutions. It is one of the most reliable and widely deployed hosting platform.
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