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How to assign a Dedicated IP to a addon domain in WHM

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  • How to assign a Dedicated IP to a addon domain in WHM

    I have just changed my control panel from Plesk to Cpanel. I have created a account named as “” using WHM and assigned xx.xx.xx.10. Then I added “” as a addon domain. I want to assign a dedicated IP to addon domain. I have not found any option in WHM. How can I do that.

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    Unfortunately there is no way to change addon domain's IP address from the WHM. You can assign IP A record from the WHM >> DNS setting but you can not edit the apache configuration file httpd.conf from the WHM. You will have to do it using shell access.

    Please contact technical support so someone will do it for you

    Kieran A.


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      In order to assign the dedicated Ip to a sub-domain, please follow the steps link

      1.Login to WHM

      2.Follow the Tab :: Main >> DNS Functions >> Edit DNS Zone the main domain "" and add the A record for to the IP you want to assign

      4.Then edit the DNS zone of "" and point all the A record to dedicated IP.

      5.Login to server with SSH and root user

      6.Edit the file /var/cpanel/userdata/username/ file, change the IP and save it.
      'username' represents the cPanel username of the account

      7. Run #/scripts/rebuildhttpdconf

      8. Run #//etc/init.d/httpd restart

      Hope this will help you
      WHUK VPS Supp0rt.