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SSL certificate and the loading speed of a website

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  • SSL certificate and the loading speed of a website


    It would be great if someone tells me, is there any effect of an SSL certificate on the loading speed of a website?

    Thank you

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    Yes, both the SSL (private and shared) slows down the loading speed of any website. It usually happens because the connection has to be decrypted and encrypted both at the end that is server side and also at the server site


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      Is there any solution to this problem?


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        If you properly optimised your website with the suggestion given by the below mentioned tool, then it may speed up your website load time


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          Whenever a visitor visits and connects to a website, visitor's browser demands SSL certificate details form your server. Once, it gets the details, it contacts the Certificate Authority to check whether the issued SSL certificate is valid or not. Once, the Certificate Authority gives a green signal, the visitor's browser then proceeds to the website. This entire transaction makes loading of the website slow and the visitors have to wait.


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            Yes, SSL will always affect the speed of website but the difference is very minor and the important thing is it increased the level of security of your website. So you have to choose security of your website instead of speed.