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what is SSL VPN?

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  • what is SSL VPN?


    It would be great if someone tell me, What is SSL VPN ?

    Thank you

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    ssl is secure socket layer its offer security while data are transfer or receiving above network vpn addres is delivered by your network admin and
    ssl stops the blocked and mischief content and mark your pc secure.


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      SSL VPN (Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Network) lets users to slightly access delimited network resources through a secure and authenticated way by encrypting all network traffic and giving the appearance that the user is on the local network, regardless of terrestrial location. This protocol attains a advanced level of compatibility with client stages and configurations for remote networks and firewalls, offering a more distinct connection.


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        Secure Socket layer virtual private network is a arrangement of virtual private network that can be used typical web browser. It delivers a safe communication mechanism data and other information communicated to ending points.


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          A SSL VPN (Secure Socket Layer Virtual Private Network) permits remote users to access Web applications, client-server applications and internal network connections without needing to install specific client application software on their systems.


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            Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) VPN provide private and secure communication for all traffic types between devices prepared with parallel technologies through public networks such as the Internet.

            There are two most important types of SSL VPN:
            SSL Portal VPN - Permits single SSL connections to websites, allowing end users to securely access multiple network services.
            SSL Tunnel VPN - Permits Web browsers to access multiple network services securely, as well non-Web-based protocols and applications, over tunnels running under SSL.