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PCI compliance possible on shared servers?

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  • PCI compliance possible on shared servers?

    I have found that several e-commerce website hosted on a shared hosting server atmosphere will show both pass/fail consequences after a PCI security scan, that the only way to get a 100% transient mark is to be hosted on a VPS or dedicated server.

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    Due to the level of limits and necessities, most providers cannot give the safety measures required to create a shared hosting environment PCI compliant.
    Only a dedicated server, or a VPS, can achieve 100% PCI compliance.


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      Hello Jake,

      I would like to inform you that we do have a PCI compliant shared server, so if your budget doesn't allow you to opt for a dedicated solution you may want to try this out and I am sure this will work for you.

      I look forward to your response ..

      Best Regards,
      Leon B


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        Why not offload your payment processing & storage to an already PCI Compliant service? Such as or Stripe. Both are PCI compliant, have APIs used to retrieve data, and both are capable of storing your customer's payment information.

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