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difference between hardware firewall and software firewall

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  • difference between hardware firewall and software firewall


    It would be great if someone tell me, the exact difference between hardware firewall and software firewall.

    Thank you

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    A firewall is a defensive system that lies, in core, among your computer network and the Internet. When used properly, a firewall avoids illegal use and admission to your network.
    Hardware firewalls can be obtained as a separate product and should be measured an important part of your system and network arrangement, especially for anyone on a broadband connection. Hardware firewalls can be real with little or no configuration, and they can guard every machine on a local network.
    Software firewall will constantly be running on your computer, you should create note of the system resources it will require to run and any mismatches with your operating system. A good software firewall will run in the background on your system and use only a slight volume of system resources. It is important to screen a software firewall once installed and to download any updates accessible from the developer.


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      Hardware Firewall is assembled for a main purpose of Security whereas Software Firewalls are mainly Add-on with O.S or Easy to use and configure but delivers less security than hardware firewall.


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        Hardware firewalls deliver a defensive barrier that hides an organization's internal PCs from the outer world.
        They can also protection one company department from another


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          The software firewall protects only the computer it is installed on and not the network.
          The hardware firewall has the capability to secure the network.