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difference between SSL and Sitelock

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  • difference between SSL and Sitelock

    Is there any major difference between the SSL certificate and SiteLock?
    Can anyone explain it?

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    There is no major difference between SSL and Site-Lock.

    SSL is used to establish a secure communication between client and Server.

    Site-Lock indicates the website is secured using SSL certificate & the shared information is safe and not possible for hackers to temper it.

    If the website is secured with Domain validate SSL certificate the Site-Lock section will be displayed as a "Green Lock >> HTTPS://"Domain Name".

    But if the website is secured with Advanced SSL Certificate the Site-Lock section will be displayed in green address bar as "Green Lock >> Organization Name >> HTTPS://"DomainName".


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      SiteLock and SSL Certificates work hand in hand to give your website unbeatable protection and your customers the highest confidence


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        Site lock Inform users when their websites are infected with Malware and are prone to hacking. Users then take necessary steps to prevent hacking.


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          SSL Make sure that all information given during online transactions is encrypted, i.e. converted into unreadable pieces of information


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            SSL certificates operate on encryption technology which encodes the information, transmitted between the server and browser. It operates on private key and public key for encoding the information between two parties. So, when the data is encrypted, a third individual cannot recognize it and hence the data is safe and secure on the web.

            SiteLock operates on cloud based security technology offering different services like malware scanning, vulnerability scanning, DDoS prevention, fixation of backdoor etc. However, it does not offer encryption on the website.