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What is data loss prevention (DLP) and benefits of it?

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  • What is data loss prevention (DLP) and benefits of it?


    It would be great if someone tell me, what is data loss prevention and what are the benefits of data loss prevention?

    Thank you

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    Data loss prevention is the strategy for making sure that end users do not leak any confidential and sensitive information outside the inbound network. It will help us to get secure from hacking and keep the corporate information safe in the inside network


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      DLP is a software product which use commercial rules to categorize and protect sensitive information so that illegal end users cannot share data whose leak could put the organization at risk. If someone wants to access corporate email ID outside the organization's network, then the request will be denied


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        Some benefits of Data Loss prevention are:

        1. Business visibility to data
        2. It helps the organization with the knowledge of what information is leaving, where it is heading and where it is being preserved?
        3. Employee awareness and education
        4. Flexible and scalable security environment.
        5. Detection of malicious activities.


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          DLP benefits organizations by serving them to track of where data is transferring. By doing the three ways as watching employee hard drive, tracking sensitive data and monitoring the network.


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            The combination of network, storage and endpoint monitoring together create a picture of how sensitive data is used in an organization; though, the DLP benefits of these features can differ really. Reliant on the tool you choose, you may be able to track when users cut –and --paste confidential information between applications,


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              One of the most powerful advantages of a DLP product is that it helps you educate your individual employees on well handling of confidential information. In spite of silently blocking activities, when somebody disrupts a policy you can notify them directly, immediately and automatically. Maximum data leaks are the result of accidents or lack of understanding rather than malicious behaviours


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                DLP describes the components present inside a network that uses content-aware scanning technology for locating critical data at all its states. DLP technology is used for protecting the documents and files automatically without any human intervention.

                The following are the benefits of DLP-
                1. Preventing Data Breaches
                2. Automation
                3. Reporting
                4. Early Detecting of malicious sources
                5. Agility
                6. Compliance to security standards