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why websites are hacked

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  • why websites are hacked

    What is the most common reasons why websites are hacked and how to prevent it in the future?

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    Website hack due to

    Following are the most common reasons why sites hack:-

    Third party software and applications like Wordpress may be susceptible to hacking.

    Before using the application themes on your website check their ratings. You may also ask security suggestion from Wordpress.

    There may be presence of Trojan over your local machine and it may have got hold of your password for CPanel, FTP and may alter your website code and inject virus.

    May have easy to decipher password or weak passwords for FTP of root login.

    Setting of weak permissions such as 777

    The code that you used in your script might be a weak code.

    Make sure that you do not use old and outdated software or application.

    Automated file search programs are used to exploit the old files as they may have been already indexed by the search engines thus even if you do not have any link to those pages the search engines display the list to the Internet user, who can visit and find them.

    Following things may be done or Measures to be taken to prevent it in future:

    Use only highly rated themes of WordPress to reduce the hacking susceptibility.

    Always scan your local machine for viruses and Trojans and update your antivirus software.

    Scan files on your website by downloading them and once they are virus free upload the files again.

    Make sure you use and strong password and at regular basis change the password for root, FTP or main user.

    Make sure that you do not keep folder permission like 777, the folder permission must be 755 and file permission must be 644

    Make sure that in your script you do not use a weak code.

    Use Updated version of scripts/ software/ application and always check for bugs before upgrading. :


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      Some hosts will not block the ports that are most prone to hacks and attacks. Although single websites can be targetted if they are using scripts prone to hacking or using old versions of softwares. However, it is very important to use secured servers that are completely tweaked and configured to prevent hacks from common reasons.


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        Other reasons include Malicious file execution, Information leakage, Insecure communications. I haven't had a website hack until yet so I can safely say Im using safe servers


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          I remember a friend of mine had a games website and they were continously being hacked. Game websites are very prone to attacks and hacks.


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            Yes game website are very prone to attacks. It can even have attacks as huge as that can affect the network around it. This is why most hosts do not allow games to be hosted on their network.


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              One of client faced a hack due to unstable version of software they installed through Fantastico. I am glad Fantastico is getting old now and not many hosts offer it. They used to use a lot of old and unstable script versions.


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                Poor choice of passwords, a lot of people use weak password this is one of the primary reasons for a website being hacked.
                Insecure FTP connections and third party addons.