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How to prevent DOS Attack by CSF Firewall?

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  • How to prevent DOS Attack by CSF Firewall?

    You need do the following setting to prevent DOS Attack.

    1) Open the CSF configuration file /etc/csf/csf.conf

    2) then, search for option called CT_LIMIT and change this to CT_LIMIT=60 ,now here 60 is the max no.of connections from an IP to your server ( choose this value according to your server usage )

    3) Now search for option called CT_PORTS.This option is used to specify the port for which you want prevent DOS attack.E.g : if you want to prevent the DOS attack to apache and DNS – port 80 and port 53 , change CT_PORTS = “” to CT_PORTS = “80,53″

    4) Save the file and restarted the CSF firewall.