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How do I generate a self signed SSL Certificate on my own ?

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  • How do I generate a self signed SSL Certificate on my own ?

    I'm not a very technical guy, probably that's the reason I'm struggling with the generation of self signed certificates for my website. Fyi. I use cPanel/WHM and have a dedicated IP for my website too. So, would appreciate if someone could help me with a tutorial or a procedural article in this regards.

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    To install the self signed certificate refer to the following steps.

    1st) Login in the WHM as a root user and generate the Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

    2nd) Once CSR completed, you will receive the E-mail with the self-signed certificate and private key. Simply copy the self-signed certificate and install it by pasting it into the top box when you click on the "Install an SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain" and Setup the Domain link in your WHM.

    Note : As your certificate is a self-signed certificate therefore while browsing the domain with the secure URL, you will receive the warning regarding the authenticity of the server.
    George S