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Security issue - we can see your databases

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  • Security issue - we can see your databases

    Yesterday we reported a serious security issue with the use of MSSQL databases within Webhosting UK.

    By accident we found that we could see the databases of other users. The access granted to us makes us believe that we could actually delete YOUR databases.

    Having a high regard for confidentiality and professional ethics we have not pursued this further and have not examined the various table contents.

    It is now 12 hours later and we have not had a reply to our 'ticket'.

    We regard this as a very serious issue.


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    Hello Norman,

    Just checked that Ticket: NFX-786-70818 is been assigned to one of our senior admins. Please allow us some time to investigate the issue. Your ticket will be updated within next couple of hours.

    I appreciate your patience till then.
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      Security Issue

      We have a major problem with storing our customers data on a system that clearly has security issues with MSSQL databases. We should never have access to sensitive areas and to fall across such a thing accidentally is paramount to negligence.

      We have sites hosted on a number of different providers and have never come across anything like this before.

      It is now considerably more than a couple of hours later and there is no sign of any resolution. What's the story?



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        We regret the inconvenience caused to you. The ticket NFX-786-70818 has been updated by one of our support admins. Kindly check and let us know if the issue is resolved.
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