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Can I Create and Use Multiple Identities in Horde Webmail?

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  • Can I Create and Use Multiple Identities in Horde Webmail?

    Please share your knowledge

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    To use Webmail, you must first register an account. Your email address is linked to your identity, and you can have many identities.


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      Additional information, such as your name, can be included and displayed to your receivers. You can use multiple identities to have a single inbox for multiple email addresses.


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        How to create and use multiple Identities?


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          You can create and use multiple identities for emailing via Horde.
          To Create and Use Multiple Identities
          1. Log in to your Webmail account.
          2. Under Change your Webmail client, select Horde and click on Open.
          3. Click the Gear icon beside Webmail Home.
          4. Go to Preferences and select Global Preferences.
          The options for Global Preferences will appear.
          5. Click Personal Information under the Your Information section.
          Now, follow these steps to the tee:
          1. Select Create New Identity option under the Select the identity you want to change field.
          2. Enter the Identity’s name.
          3. Enter the name for the identity under Your full name field.
          4. Click Save. It will save the identity details.
          The next time you send the mail using this identity, select the form field’s identity.