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Are SSL certificates necessary for the e-commerce site?

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  • Are SSL certificates necessary for the e-commerce site?

    Are SSL certificates necessary for the e-commerce site?
    Can anyone tell, If yes then why?

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    SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a protocol which is responsible for transmitting private documents via the Internet in a secured way. Regarding the SSL certificate, its benefits are to have a secure site so that you can use the shopping cart or any other oscommerce cart on your website. SSL allows you to browse your site with https://Ě instead of http

    SSL certificate is a must for e-commerce site as its ensures that the confidential information like credit card numbers and bank account information entered by your customers remains secure.


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      It is essential that you have an SSL certificate for your website moreover it is ecommerce or small online business. SSL assumes a key part in securing all sensitive information on the Internet consistently, mainly, amid online dealings and filling private data.


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        Security is the most important part of any ecommerce business to confident your customer for online payment. SSL not only built to secure customer information, but it can also secure website from malware, phishing scams and threat attacks.

        Why SSL certificates necessary for the e-commerce site?
        • To prevent Cyber Attacks and DDoS attacks
        • To protect website
        • To encrypt website and communications
        • To secure sensitive information
        • To builds customerís trust
        • To improve Google Ranking


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          I think SSL is necessary. Both in terms of security and trust.


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            Of course, SSL is necessary for every eCommerce site, shopping cart site etc. It gives sense of security to customers and merchants that their information wonít be lost or misused.


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              SSL can make your website safer and keeps your data safe from the hackers. So if you want to keep everything in safe mode, you need to purchase SSL certificate for your website.