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protect my computer without buying hardware or software firewall

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  • protect my computer without buying hardware or software firewall


    There are lots of Firewall products available with in the market itself. How to confirm that I am purchasing the right Firewall ? Also does any one know how to protect my computer without buying hardware or software firewall? I can save few bucks!

    Thanks in Advance

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    Firewalls come in two basic types: hardware based and software based. Both types of firewalls are important and play a major role in the security of computers and networks Pretty much every aspect of computing has security issues. For example make sure to use good passwords with the right amount of complexity and to change them often. Also make sure you have good scripts running.


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      Security is not something you want to play around with. There are some things I would not try to save a few bucks with. You can also use the good data center with cool and trustworthy services out of Uk. There are some things you can do outside of firewalls but you shouldn't replace firewalls with them.

      Its always advisable to invest in Firewall which are always appreciable. However, you can configure the following in order to protect your computer to some extent:
      * Enable ICF if you have XP or 2003.
      * Enable TCP/IP Security.
      * Enable IPSec Policies.
      * Enable RRAS Packet Filters.


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        Hey!!! williams_k
        According to me Norton AntiVirus 2011 is the best..................
        Norton AntiVirus 2011, however, does not integrate a fully-functional personal firewall. However, owing to its effective intrusion prevention feature, it provides effective protection against threats than most of the full security suites.


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          I've read several reviews that proclaimed Outpost Firewall to be the best firewall around. I have tried the free version of Outpost Security and, while the firewall was rather good, the antivirus/antispyware aspects weren't satisfying, so I uninstalled it. Has anyone else tried Outpost?